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ZouZou was the first boutique in Italy to open its doors to female eroticism with its boudoir lounge in the center of Rome.

A forerunner in Italy in the field of sensual entertainment, ZouZou has established itself as the reference point for luxury eroticism in Italy alongside boutiques such as Coco de Mer in London with which she has been collaborating for several years or Kiki de Montparnasse in New York. It's chic and refined style has overturned the common perception of erotic accessories that become design objects to collect.

Managed by Tiziana Russo - creator and owner - ZouZou is a sophisticated and welcoming boutique, where smells enhance the senses and the imagination is stimulated by the beauty and design of the objects on display. 

ZouZou boasts the most exclusive collaborations between designers and creatives in the lingerie and luxury sex toys panorama. Between these, Vernon concrete. His collection Paradise Found it consists of valuable items for sexual performance enhancement. Made of noble materials that often hide their true function in the ornamental form. Much of the collection can be apparently worn as a “simple” piece of jewelry. 

The pride of the Boutique is the small dressing room decorated by Raphael Vanegas, a lover of female icons from the Renaissance to Pop Art, his works depict desire and eroticism.

Sensual Entertainment - our mission

With the opening of ZouZou a new concept linked to eros-luxury boutiques has been introduced in Italy, it is called Sensual Entertainment - and is conceived as one space but more generally as real new way of interpreting pleasure and sexuality, especially the female one, still influenced by cultural and social factors. Under the label of Sensual Entertainment, ZouZou has created a series of appointments aimed at couples or singles who aspire to improve and evolve their sexual pleasure. 

With the intention of making its customers live a unique experience, ZouZou offers the possibility to book the space for a Private Shopping. For more info contact Tiziana at +39 06 6892176 or whatsapp +393756487438

ZouZou à la carte - that is, we come to you!

Would you like to learn something more about eroticism from the comfort of your home in the company of your closest friends? So ZouZou à la Carte is the one for you! Get ready to spend a couple of hours dedicated to female pleasure. ZouZou à la carte is a sensory experience during which you can get to know each individual product in order to eventually purchase the one that best suits your needs. An opportunity to spend an evening talking about sexuality and eroticism with the advantage of being at home with your best friends! 

The Online Store 

The new store online was launched in 2017, creating a real continuum with the boutique, in fact the site also offers the possibility of interacting and being accompanied, if desired, in the purchase by the expert and professional staff of ZouZou. 

Recently, and due to the closure and forced distance from our customers, we have created a space where we can exchange ideas, experiences, advice on how to best face quarantine as a couple. Send us your thoughts to sensualentertaniment@zouzou.it we would be happy to answer you with advice and ideas!

Our retail store


Alley of the Chancellery 9a

00186 Rome

Monday, 2pm - 7.30pm

From Tuesday to Saturday: 11am - 7.30pm

Sunday: closed

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