Absainte Paris gioielli harness per il corpo

Absainte Paris harness jewelry for the body

Adorning one's body with jewels has been a human custom ever since
since the dawn of time. Jewels have always been surrounded by an aura of magic and are a source of dreams and desires.
Body jewels are experiencing a real revival, becoming the protagonists of our outfits to which they add a touch of beauty and elegance. They are worn as a second-skin, exposed or hidden under a dress, a secret to keep or to share only with whoever you want...!

We have dedicated one special space ad ABSAINTE PARIS and its handmade jewels. Our customers appreciate the delicacy and versatility of the garments that can be worn to complete a particular look or simply for the pleasure of adorning the naked body.

Absainte Paris was born from Datura Alchimilia's desire to sublimate the women's body by creating ornaments and jewels able to adapt to most morphologies.
His creations are inspired by the aesthetics of Shibari and her jewels are worn as an extension of the body offering elegance and freedom of movement.
Her obsession: having an accessory halfway between lingerie and jewels that is beautiful and above all pleasant to wear.
Each piece is handmade in the Parisian Absainte atelier with exceptional materials from the elastic bands that wrap around the body to the 24 kt gold plated chains. Each creation is designed to be worn directly on the body or as a accessory to be superimposed on clothing, in order to give it a touch of originality and timeless elegance.
The collection is available online e in boutique.

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