I consigli di ZouZou per acquistare un sex toy!

ZouZou's tips for buying a sex toy!

"I would like a sex toy but I don't know which one to choose!" How many times have we heard our customers say this from ZouZou! It is always interesting to guide someone to buy a sex toy. The amazement that some customers show while we illustrate the functions and different uses of a sex toy, is the confirmation that - despite we talk about it a lot and it is now very easy to find information and buy objects of pleasure on qualified and welcoming physical sites or stores, such as ZouZou , - the offer is so wide that it is a difficult task to extricate yourself from the multitude of colors, shapes, vibrations, materials and sizes! 

Then, there are also customers, who, thanks to the ease of obtaining information and the media bombardment, all arrive well prepared, with precise ideas and do not want any explanation. They already know everything ... then maybe they come back in search of advice: D We are always happy to create a relationship of trust with our customers, our mission was clear right away, since 2007 when we started, female pleasure and sexual well-being they have always been our strengths in spreading healthy and joyful information about sexuality.

We have met many people in these years of work, but as I said before, there are people who for various reasons find it difficult to approach the world of eroticism and sex toys. Taboos are still deeply rooted in our society, and as happens with things that at some point explode on the market, there is even more need for accurate and professional information. So what we at ZouZou recommend when does someone come to us to buy a sex toy?

First of all, let's try to get to know the ideas of our interlocutor, for example we ask if this is the first purchase, or if he intends to share it with a partner. It is not obvious information as there are sex toys that it is preferable to keep for oneself, for moments of exploration of one's pleasure and erogenous zones such as, for example, Liberty by Womanizer o Sona Cruise by Lelo, one of the best sellers for clitoral stimulation. They have no rivals! As a friend of ours said, the stimulation is on the verge of torture, that pleasant initial annoyance that culminates in multiple orgasms.

For those who want to share a sex toy with their partner, the famous vibrators a C shape which stimulate both partners during penetration are a fun alternative to the classic rings, which not all men appreciate, both for cultural reasons and again disinformation. Without forgetting the sex toys with remote control, how many couples of ZouZou customers have gone to a restaurant, to a party, to visit more or less sacred places in Rome in the case of tourists, wearing a nice Lyla O Hula Beads? The distance of 12 meters allows you to send vibrating waves even if you are not very close. For distant loves, he always wins Chorus and the brand new Duo of Lelo, both manageable via application, so if we are at home and our partner is at work, traveling, visiting grandma, in New York or any other part of the world with a good wifi network, pleasure is commanded from the App creating, if you wish, your own playlists vibrant with pleasure.

We cannot fail to mention the Rabbit, which has evolved, assuming less animalistic forms but more of design, even if it is not a vibrator at the top of our clientə preferences and not even ours: D. His fame far exceeds expectations. Each body is different and the genitals have such unique characteristics that it is quite difficult for a Rabbit vibrator to correctly stimulate the inside of the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously and adapt to all bodies. The Wand instead, it is among the most popular among foreign customers, especially Americans. Eh well! It is very versatile, massages the body but also the intimate parts, introduced by Hitachi on the American market in the early 70s as a shoulder massager, and became famous thanks to Betty Dodson's workshops on female orgasm.

Since we are in the summer and according to our sales statistics, it is the time of year when they sell the most strap on e dildo, we have expanded our selection, and created a dedicated section on our site! And do not think, that they are objects purchased to be used by woman to woman, of course yes! Summer brings with it the desire to dare, and then even the most uncompromising partners let themselves go and grant us the privilege of owning them and to them a still unexplored pleasure.

Finally, for the younger ones, our advice is imitative Cuties, small, colorful, discreet, perfect for the first explorations as a couple or alone.

There would still be many sex toys to illustrate and recommend but we invite you to come and visit us and discover the right one with us!

On sex toys purely from man and those he was we will do a separate post, there are so many things to say and learn!

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