I must have da mettere in valigia!

Our TOP 5 For the Summer

Like all summers, we can't give up our top 5 to pack together with the swimsuit and tanning cream! First of all, however, a general advice, do not exaggerate with the things to bring, they are always too many and you risk bringing them home immaculate! Therefore, let's avoid overly loaded suitcases and focus on the essentials! So here is our Top 5 sex toys that cannot be renounced on vacation:

1.    an ice lubricant. For us, the 50g pack of YFL is perfect! It is a natural intimate lubricant produced in France, without perfume, with a non-greasy texture, based on purified water, enriched with hyaluronic acid and allantoin. Made up of 99.3% natural ingredients.

2.    The YFL serum for V Zone! The most complete care for your intimacy, a natural intimate serum formulated with 8 specific cosmetic active ingredients and an adapted pH. The intimate serum YESforLOV helps moisturize and soothe, protect and revitalize the delicate skin area of the bikini, including the vulva. Flacone airless 30 ml 99.52% of ingredients of natural origin, 33.95% of ingredients of organic origin. 

3.    The CBD concentrate YESforLOV has been designed to be applied to the erogenous zones and give you the intimate care and pleasure you are looking for right now. Revolutionary and made in France, this CBD concentrate can be used alone or in addition to your erotic cosmetics. With its high percentage of cannabidiol (150 mg), the CBD concentrate generates a feeling of "letting go" and soothes feelings of discomfort. Enriched with L-Arginine, a few drops of this natural, organic orgasmic serum are enough to stimulate your arousal and guide you straight to intense and uninhibited orgasms. 15ml dropper bottle. Made with natural and organic ingredients. Compatible with sex toys, condoms and all your cosmetics

4. (If in pairs) The new Tiana with application! is a vibrator for couples connected to the app with two motors that work in unison to improve the sensations of both partners during sex. TIANI Harmony has four predefined pleasure modes; up to 10 can be configured using the appropriate LELO app. (If you travel alone) Liberty of Womanizer always with us! It is small and discreet. Ready to pass any awkward checks. There are no words to describe the intense sensation of pleasure that Liberty causes!

5. A good erotic book! 

Here are some titles:

Be Kinky by Andrea Farolfi - recently released, it is dedicated to anyone who wants to explore sexuality, to people of all kinds and orientations, to those who already do certain things, to those who would like to do them and even to those who take care of them for work!

MissStress by Anita Dada - a surprising novel, which overturns our perspective on sexuality and pleasure, which speaks of freedom and eroticism to anyone who wants to discover how fun and playful desire is. What fetish do you have? 

This book is not about sex by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, a comic book to find out everything about relationships, friendship, sexuality, the body, safe sex, jealousy, rejection ... with inclusive and irreverent language, clear explanations and situations that everyone of us he lived. 

Happy holiday!


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