Il Body, capo versatile e irrinunciabile

The Bodysuit, a versatile and indispensable garment

For some years we have witnessed the return of the bodysuit, to be worn as a must-have piece in the wardrobe and to show off from morning to night instead of the classic blouse or t-shirt.

This season sees him as the protagonist more than ever, thanks to his versatility. In fact, the body is a sexy garment that gives comfort, the ideal choice for those who want to feel feminine without sacrificing comfort.

The body is a garment that can be easily combined, giving any outfit a more seductive and personalized character. At ZouZou, season after season, customers have increasingly appreciated our proposals and some models have literally been snapped up!

The most requested leotard by far was that of Iris Van Herpen by AUBADE, we also saw it on the red carpet in Venice. Also from AUBADE, the French brand synonymous with elegance and femininity, the body of the collection Precious Tale it is the ideal garment for these holidays, in lace embellished with jeweled components that make it ideal for these holidays, perhaps combined with high-waisted trousers and a blazer.

A separate note deserves brothels, the luxury lingerie brand, has been offering for a couple of seasons body in mesh of various colors, to be worn perhaps under a bodice, or combined with a harness for a darker look.

Our leotard Monica, the iconic garment of the ZouZou Capsule, has the advantage of being open underneath, and can be combined with one of the bras in the collection for a complete look that truly sees lingerie as the protagonist of our outfit. With long sleeves, it can also be layered over a contrasting mesh top.

Infine i body by Maison Close, which hide buttons in the most secret areas and can be removed in a flash!

Check out the section Body and Corsets and choose the one that suits you best. If you have any doubts, or need advice for a gift, write us on Whatsapp and we will be happy to help you.

Merry Christmas!




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