La seduzione delle calze

The seduction of stockings

It is the season of stockings, that particular garment that has entered the common imagination as a symbol of sensuality and eroticism, thanks also to many films that have made them protagonists. Suffice it to recall Sofia Loren in the famous striptease scene with Mastroianni, Laura Antonelli in Malice, or Anne Bancroft in The Graduate, there are many films that have represented this accessory making it the protagonist of the erotic dreams of entire male generations.

In recent years, in which genderless fashion has taken the stage and demolished the differences between male and female garments, even socks have become an accessory worn by men, one above all, Damiano dei Maneskin in stockings and suspenders at the European Music Awards. At ZouZou there are male customers who have been buying stockings and hold-ups for themselves for years ... probably with different intentions than Damiano's: D.

The news of this season is that as an accessory to wear under clothes or in the boudoir, today the socks are worn on sight with classic high heels but also combined with sneakers for a sporty chic look! We have seen them on all the catwalks, from the sheer or opaque hold-ups, to the always sensual and elegant ones to wear with a garter belt, up to Mugler and Jimmy Choo's stocking-boots. There fits as an accessory to show off, in the name of a cheeky and self-confident femininity. Expression of awareness of one's own body and femininity without taboos. At ZouZou, for years we have been almost integralist of suspender stockings, the silicone of stockings was banned from our drawers, then over the years we have softened and always preferring stockings with suspenders, we have gradually integrated the beautiful models of Falcon. Our selection includes sheer stockings and hold-ups, with the double row like those of Maison Close, flesh-colored with contrasting stripe, a net with cut and rolled hems among the most sensual in our opinion, opaque to be superimposed on a colored pantyhose or with lace headband. Everyone * will be able to find the most suitable ones for the occasion without forgetting to dare!

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