Lingerie maschile tra sensualità e confort

Male lingerie between sensuality and comfort

We promised, and here we are ready with the new section "Men's underwear”Featuring lace and leather! Let's start with Menagerie Intimates, a luxury underwear brand whose creator Roman Sipe, with his creations, wants to subvert the discourse on specific men's underwear by introducing a new era of underwear that focuses on male sensuality and body positivity! His collection is entirely made in Italy, and Roman could only choose ZouZou as his first Italian showcase. Lace roses that envelop the male body and give comfort and sensuality.

Another brand that we like so much is SIRAINER whose imagery draws on the world of fetish and BDSM, with soft nappa garments that envelop the private parts in a sensual embrace. Contemporary eroticism on the skin strictly Made in Italy.

Finally ours Body harness it's conquering male audiences too, and we couldn't be happier. As the more mainstream brands begin to ride this new era, the discourse on “alternative” men's lingerie no longer exclusively designed for the gay world will naturalize. For the moment, an increasingly consistent niche of men appreciates, is intrigued and flattered by the comfort and skin sensations of garments made of natural and precious fibers.

We at ZouZou are always ready to add new brands able to satisfy our taste for inclusiveness and the freedom to be ourselves.

Stay tuned!

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