Lubrificanti intimi alla riscossa!

Intimate lubricants to the rescue!

How many clichés and misunderstanding revolve around intimate lubricants ?! In recent years we have heard so many ... There are people who do not even know their existence! Other than "but where do you put it?" Some men even feel threatened in their manhood if a woman does not lubricate herself immediately thus demonstrating her arousal! For the record, self-lubrication and excitement can be the consequence of the other, but the opposite is also true; many people with vaginas despite being very aroused do not have much lubrication.

If we like to play with sex toys, then it is highly recommended to use a water-based lubricant to make the experience more oily, especially with silicone sex toys! What about anal sex? The lubricant is mandatory since the anus does not self-lubricate. In this case we recommend the silicone one which is more lasting and "slippery"!

Furthermore, these gels can be used all over the body, thus acting as an activator of the senses and preliminary to an intimate relationship. There are all types, water, silicone, with a warming effect, with a cooling effect, edible with fruit, but you must always pay attention to what you buy. If you want to learn more, I recommend buying the book Sex toys of the duo Sex en Rose, where you will find all the answers to questions about intimate lubricants and their variants.

So here are our favorites:

YesForLov Lubricant with seaweed. Water based and made with natural and organic ingredients without glycerin or derivatives. Thanks to its formula, it respects the pH of the vaginal flora and the osmolarity of the mucous membranes. The silky texture means that it does not absorb quickly, always leaving the skin hydrated.

Il tris di Bijoux Indiscrets. Lub Hyalunoric Acid, Lub Aloe, Lub Natural, in packs of 30 ml are ideal for when traveling and absolutely vegan like the feminine brand that has always made them environmentally friendly.

Daphne, Italian brand that with the youcomefirst motto has created a series of natural products for sexual well-being including the stimulating gel with Aloe Vera and Calendula with emollient, moisturizing and soothing properties. Ideal with sex toys and condoms. Free of parabens, the materials used are 100% eco-firendly. The bottle size has been designed to make pumping easy with one hand.

Pjur al silicone, a must for anal sex and more. Its silky texture also makes it ideal for body massages. Neutral in taste and odorless, it is the best-selling silicone-based lubricant in the world.

The fabulous 2 in 1s, they are massage gels that can also become intimate lubricants. Unlike the others mentioned, they are characterized by intoxicating fragrances. We chose YesForLov's with white tea, Indonesian flowers and thanaka wood.

Our section dedicated to lubricants intimate gives information on the different types but if you have doubts or do not know which one to choose, send us a whatsapp or write us in the chat, we will be happy to help you choose!

Finally, let's all repeat together, intimate lubricants make sex a lot more enjoyable!

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