Silver Sex. Il sesso non ha età

Silver Sex. Sex has no age

At ZouZou we are lucky enough to meet people of all nationalities, genders and all ages. We often talk to customers over 65 who do not give up on pleasure, on desiring and being desired. The idea that sexual and emotional life is linked exclusively to youth is still rooted in our culture. But sex between the no longer young can reserve many surprises! We abandon ourselves to a more conscious, playful and more satisfying sex, focusing on the quality of the loving encounter.

Many researches have shown that with respect to sex toys, taboos are still strong to unhinge but in our experience the pool of aged people who allow themselves to explore new territories also with i sex toys, it's getting bigger and bigger! We are certain that a more careful focus and above all products designed specifically for an older audience will be one of the trends that sex toy manufacturers will follow in the future.

In Australia recently the e-commerce site Wild Secrets launched the campaign “Better with Age” to try to fill the market gap aimed at the over 65s. The aim of the campaign is to break the taboo around sex in the older age groups and normalize the concept of pleasure even for older people. The campaign was a success, and the catalog created was distributed in meeting places for the elderly, including golf clubs, bowling alleys but also reception facilities for lonely elderly people.

Watch the campaign video

In the wake of this beautiful initiative, we at ZouZou have also created a discount SilverSex to encourage our customers to explore new forms of pleasure. As our Maria Claudia Biscione writes "Sex can transform with age and should be seen as an opportunity to detach from the classic definition of "sex = penetration" and try something never experienced before. New preferences, erogenous zones and connection with the partner are often rediscovered and experienced in a different way…just find the right solutions and see these age-related changes as opportunities to rediscover a new intimacy and sexuality”.

What are you waiting for, choose your sex toy and use the code SilverSex to get a 20% discount!

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