Uomini e sex toys, bye bye tabù (o quasi)!

Men and sex toys, taboo bye bye (or almost)!

A small revolution is taking place. Today more and more men are buying and trying sex toys for their pleasure. Wow. We are very happy and in our small way happy to have contributed with the work of these 15 years to promote the exploration of the body also through sex toys. With women it was easy and fun to talk, present the news, give advice on different uses. With men, on the other hand, we found it a bit difficult to talk about masturbation or anal pleasure, for example. With our living room-boudoir we have created a real space free from any conditioning, where the watchwords have always been, sharing, knowledge and sexual well-being. It has been a long and interesting journey, but finally we can say that vibrators are no longer seen as substitutes for partners, consolers for those who are single, or designed for people who suffer from some pathology linked to sexuality but, simply as devices for the pleasure of all!

So here are our favorite items and best sellers dedicated to those with a penis!

In the first place we put, F1SV2 is the most modern penis stimulator! One of our clients called it the masculine equivalent of the legendary Womanizer, which literally drives you crazy with pleasure. F1SV2 ensures deep and penetrating vibrations, regardless of the shape or size of the penis. In addition, by downloading the App you can customize the vibration. For those who want a non-vibrating stimulation, our dedicated section ranges from eggs to have always nice for those who are not very familiar with sex toys, or even the more traditional ones Flashlight, much appreciated by the international public.

The Rings. Let's say that not everyone likes to be forced, but for those who appreciate it, we have some that combine aesthetics with their function, such as silicone ones from Velvor. They do not vibrate but their use, thanks to the compression, makes the penis more turgid, the performance more lasting and gives a more intense pleasure! The minimalist design finally adds that elegant touch! Sex toys were. Especially here, the taboos that revolve around male anal pleasure are hard to unhinge but slowly something is changing. Over the years we have been able to offer this type of stimulation to a man and have received as an answer a “No thanks, I'm not gay”! We also happened to welcome the fears of some women, whose partner, manifesting the desire to be penetrated, literally threw them into panic. So you go with the "But is it normal?" "Isn't it that he likes men?" "Do I have to worry about you?" Fortunately, more and more cisgender men want to explore this part of the body without shame and more and more medical specialists are recommending prostate massage to prevent future problems. And more and more women offer games and sex toys to their partner without judgment but free to explore erotic fantasies together.

Our section "Anal pleasure" includes: plugs in different materials (glass, silicone, steel, aluminum) that can be worn during the act while engaging in other practices, ensuring a much more intense and pleasant orgasm; silicone dildos to use with the strap on, specific vibrators for prostate stimulation, massagers that are controlled through an App, anal spheres and for those who want to "entrust the keys of pleasure" to their partner, the delicious belts from chastity! For newbies, we recommend choosing a small object and increasing it as you become familiar with your anus. Without forgetting the lubricant which should always be used, especially for the anus which does not self-lubricate!

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