V-Beauty Essentials

V-Beauty Essentials

For many women, specific skincare for private parts is still a topic that has never been explored or in any case something that we tend not to talk about. According to some research, only 18% of women have heard of intimate skincare, 100% have suffered at least once in their life from an intimate disorder and above all almost 80% feel ashamed to talk about it. Even at ZouZou, from Covid onwards, we have begun to insert products dedicated to intimate well-being, offering our customers to buy not only their favorite toy, but to take care of our private parts every day, starting with Kegel exercises and choosing the right one. detergent. Some customers immediately cheered up, they hadn't yet had the opportunity to get to know the variety of products that now exist on the market, others remained more lukewarm, probably thinking "here's yet another thing to do during the next day, facial skin care , exercise, sex, mental health and so on :D”

We have tried several and have compiled our ranking of Intimate Essentials.

The first of all cleaner. We are crazy about Care intimate cleanser from YSpot. Made with ingredients of plant origin. Delicate on the skin, it cleanses, regenerates and hydrates. Each component has a specific function for the skin. Aloe dal with its recognized soothing anti-aging properties; with calendula as a natural antiseptic, toning and moisturizing, up to oat extract, the only cereal that contains saponins for natural cleansing, and ginger extract for its purifying and elasticising properties.

Nevermore without. Nourish intimate oil. Ideal after intimate hygiene, for nourishing and hydrated skin, it's also perfect for relieving those annoying redness that wax, or razor leaves But also before or after sex, for super sensual skin.

A sweet caress. Beauty serum. Vegan formula for this anti-aging serum. A gentle and natural caress that hydrates, plumps, firms and fights vaginal dryness while respecting the well-being of the intimate parts. Its sensual floral fragrance has been specially designed to reflect the innate beauty of women.

Sweet at the bottom. He intimate perfume. An additional weapon of seduction with an aphrodisiac fragrance. Suitable for all skin types, it will become your ally on hot summer days, giving a fresh sensation throughout the day. It can be applied to the whole body or to the private parts. 

Keep in mind that these are products for external use, which help us keep our V-zone in good health. Don't forget the geisha balls for the care and maintenance of the pelvic floor muscles. 15-30 minutes a day is enough, perhaps while we get ready to go to the office or before taking the children to school, we insert them and practice our training without almost realizing it.

Convinced that the internal and external health of our vulva contributes to making our sex life more joyful and aware, we want to spread information and knowledge of what the market offers as much as possible; each one will be able to find its combination of products according to their needs. We are available to tell you, advise you and invite you to explore the psycho-physical well-being that a daily intimate skin care can give to our life inside and outside the bedroom.

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