ZouZou crea la sua prima capsule di lingerie Made in Italy!

ZouZou first capsule of erotic lingerie!

One of the first things I've wanted to do since we opened ZouZou was our lingerie collection. I remember that with Alessandra we went all the way to Puglia, there and back in the same day, to discover the magical world of corsetry workshops. Needless to say, at the time we were not ready to deal with quantities, patterns and above all an aFor another investment, we had put everything we had saved into the shop and decided to suspend the project, or rather to postpone it! And so during the lockdown, rather than being overcome by anguish and fear of the future, Inese and I tried to activate creativity and, together with the designer Daniela Corcio with whom we have been collaborating for years, we created a capsule, of eight pieces, we hope you like it!
We made it with a lot of love, thinking of our fantastic customers and their desire to play and feel comfortable with their body. Thus each garment bears the name of a woman. Black is the color we have chosen, and it could not be otherwise, silk, tulle and soft elastics give each garment elegance and sensuality. Golden rings and hooks invite you to let your imagination go. Each piece can be worn with one of the other pieces in the collection, or create a mix and match with pieces from other brands.
What we care a lot about, we didn't go to produce it abroad, our capsule is all proudly Made in Italy!

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