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A book by Paul B. Preciado is always an unexpected text. What you expect, what you think is the logical consequence of a reflection, is overturned on the next page. A new idea shakes up concepts, even those that seemed cutting-edge. In Anal Terror, Preciado rewrites the history of sexuality by moving the narrative to the crucial point of the issue. He rewrites it starting from the anus. Moving on the complex terrain of the philosophical debate around the ideas of Foucault, Marx, Deleuze, Guattari and Hocquenghem, Preciado identifies in the anus the overcoming of the anatomical limits imposed by sexual difference. An orifice that has been relegated to its mere biological function without any sexual or orgasmic quality, regains the centrality of desire, pleasure and power. The publication of Anal Terror triggered an earthquake in feminist thought and action in recent years and quickly became a small cult pamphlet. Fandango Libri offers it to the public with an unpublished text written specifically by Paul B. Preciado for the Italian edition.

Pages: 82

Italian language

Fandango Libri editorial team

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