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When we talk about love and sex, in the end we know that what counts are the questions, even before the possible answers. This is why Livio Ricciardi has decided to select one hundred of the most frequent (or thorniest) ones that are submitted to him on social media or by customers: one hundred issues that range from the sphere of relationships to that of sex, to reflect on many things that today more than ever they risk being incredibly complicated, painful or even dangerous, when in fact they should only make us feel good. Thus we will explore how we can better understand and manage the world of atypical situations - such as sex friendship, situationship or a simple sex with a person who is part of our friendships - that of digital sex, orgasm, dating, betrayal, performance anxiety, of ghosting and its closest relatives, of the various aspects that can concern the desire to live a non-monogamous relationship in an ethical way (and as relaxed as possible), of protections, of all the first times that can mark our discovery of sexuality. And along the way we will be able to learn how to improve our communication even during a breakup, what the difference is between sexual fantasies and desire, whether the infamous G-spot really exists and how to read jealousy when it exceeds limits, including situations in which we are us to overcome them. But above all, we will discover how to identify the classic phases of a couple's bond by following the carbonara recipe, what Lady Gaga has to tell us about the fear of novelty and how a cream husband can guide us in avoiding vicious circuits that would risk compromising the quality of our life.

A book that can be read from first to last page or in no particular order, following the thread of what we need to learn more about or the simple curiosity of discovering something interesting about one of the most mysterious, fun and unpredictable journeys we will ever embark on. .

Publisher: Rizzoli Libri

Published: 24/10/2023

Pages: 351 p

Language: Italian

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