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The ultimate Chic Accessory! Our Leone Headband is perfect for the beach, brunch, or a night out on the town! Adjustable and super comfortable. Italian Black Patent Leather Straps Gold plated Rings Gold Lion Head Accent Gold Double Cap Brass Rivet Adjustable Black Satin Elastic Head Strap Embossed Fräulein Kink Logo Handmade in Berlin

130,00 €

Fräulein Kink's SEX Cuff is handcrafted using Italian black patent leather and accented with gold trims. This is one fabulous wrist accessory. Black Italian Patent & Matte Leather Cuff Gold SEX Letter Sliders Gold Rivets & Accents Embossed Fräulein Kink Logo Handmade in Berlin

145,00 €

Birds of a feather flock together. The Ostrich Pleasure Puff Ring is designed to tickle your every fantasy. While it ultimately serves to tantalize the most sensitive zones of your lover’s body, the ring’s playful presence is also known to cause a sensation beyond the boudoir. Don’t forget to pack this jewel tool for weekends away, make every occasion in...

635,00 €

The Xaga Chakrub is made from pure black obsidian, a powerful protective and grounding crystal. Black obsidian can provide strength and support during difficult circumstances and reveal blocks that might be holding one back. 100% natural black obsidian crystal Weight: 453 gr Measured Flat: 17,78 cm long and 4,24 cm wide Circumference: 9,52 cm small end...

210,00 €

While it can be worn discreetly beyond the boudoir, the Double Sphere Massage Ring is also designed to bring a kinky new dimension to intimate massage. The ring’s greatest pleasure-providing potential is unveiled by swiveling the polished spheres towards the palm of your hand. Silver 925. Onyx. This jewel is entirely handcrafted. Delivery in 1-4 weeks,...

650,00 €

Our Eiffel Pasties are the ultimate in flirty Parisian style! Featuring mini silver Eiffel Tower & Swarovski® crystal rivets. Oh La La! Silver Eiffel Tower Single Chain Tassels SWAROVSKI® Clear Silver Crystal Rivets Center Includes Body tape for 3 applications Handmade in Berlin

135,00 €

Rabbit Curve is a curved, sturdy & thick Chakrub, suitable and pleasurable for vaginal penetration. When the energy of the crystal combines with your own sexual energy, expect your chakras to light up, your heart to open, and your body to become more sensitive to subtle sexual energy. Weight: 226 gr Measured Flat: 17,14 cm long by 3,17 cm wide...

234,00 €

Made from 100% Natural Amethyst, this intimate massager combines pleasure with the natural benefits of the crystal. Amethyst promotes meditation and lucid dreaming as well as calmness, balance and peace. Enjoy the effects of the crystal through both sensuality and spirituality. Size: about 17.8 cm - 3.8 cm, 7.6 cm wide Weight: approximately 450 gr

210,00 €

The Nunchaku Interactive Sculpture is a very generous double penetrative wand and was inspired by Bruce Lee. Made with Black Obsidian and connected by stainless steel, this ode to the martial arts gives honor to how we learn to preserve our most sacred property, ourselves.

660,00 €

The original Bordelle Angela Dress reimagined with total adjustability to flatter every curve. This piece is made up of over 130 24k gold plated components. Each dress takes a whole day to make!

939,00 €

Surprise your lover wearing our Lip Pasties! Handcrafted to order in our Berlin studio from luxury Italian leathers and laser cut hand sewn red kiss detailing. Très Chic! Includes Body tape for 3 applications Handmade to Order in Berlin

160,00 €

The ultimate sensual string! Our Leone Pearl String is handcrafted from Italian black patent leather, features a gold lion head and gold rivets. The luxurious center string is made from a strand of black glass pearls and adjustable double face satin elastic sides for easy size adjustments. Guaranteed to stimulate your senses! Handmade in Berlin

225,00 €
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