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Turn up the heat in your next massage! Caress and blow to maximize the warming effect, and kiss every inch of skin to enjoy the delicious flavor. Flavour: Wild Strawberry and Honey 100ml

20,00 €

Indulge your love life with a warm and sensual candle massage. This herbal aphrodisiac is a fine blend of natural waxes, butters, oils and extracts, carefully fragranced with a minute selection of pure essential oils.  Once liquefied, the formula transforms into a smooth, nourishing and hydrating massage oil.Massage Candle offers more than 36 h of burn...

29,00 €

Highlight your cleavage, butt cheeks or pubic area with this hydrating and shimmering dry oil for hair and skin. Apply as desired, you choose where you want your glow! Highlighting · Hydrating · Shimmering Content: 30ml

19,95 €

The light, non-oily texture does not stain clothing or sheets. To enhance relaxation, it is enriched with passion fruit, damiana, rosemary and sweet almond oils, with a captivating perfume of white tea, Bali flowers and thanaka wood.  Bottle of 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz Made in France

30,90 €

For sensual massages full of pleasure and intimate contact. Imagine yourself in luxury and higher atmospheres with the scent of strawberries and champagne. Lift your senses to exciting heights with sensual massages and enjoy the continuous feeling of your partner's touch. The massage oil is also suitable as a lubricant for wonderful sex. Content: 150 ml

19,90 €

A good spanking to everything that hampers the touch and sight: rough skin and small imperfections. Applied with care, this treatment exhilarates the dermis to bring out all the beauty of the lovely skin on the buttocks. Tube of 100 ml /3.4 oz Made in France. 

30,90 €
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