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The Studded Handle Flogger, made with smooth saddler leather features a distinct Fleet Ilya detailed handle with studs, providing a comfortable grip and creating an aesthetically pleasing tool. 16 tails made of suede, perfect for play or punishment. The D-ring allows this piece to be hung.  Handmade in England

280,00 €

The Studded Handle Dragon Tail, featuring a smooth saddlery leather handle with stud detail for a comfortable grip. The supple leather tail provides a lightweight whip delivering a subtle tinging sensation. Approximately 69cm length, handle 3cm wide, tail is 6cm at the widest point Available with stud details in silver and not in brass (as in picture)....

240,00 €

The Layered Flogger, made with smooth saddler leather features the unique Fleet Ilya woven detailed handle providing a comfortable grip and creating an aesthetically pleasing tool. The three layers of leather form firm spanking straps and a distinct sound. The large D-ring allows this piece to be hung.  Hardware in silver  Handmade in England

210,00 €

This calfskin whip is sure to inspire you! Adorned with 30-tails all made of the same ultra-soft calfskin leather, it is perfect for long-lasting games. Sheathed in soft leather, the handle fits comfortably in your hand. A leather strap is attached for suspension. Full length: 50 cm Handmade in Berlin.

169,00 €

Crafted using the finest leather and twin textured for versatility, this paddle delivers a range of thrilling sensations, from soothing strokes to spine-tingling slaps. Flexible and broad for widespread sensation, discover the sensual benefits of this dual-sided spanker. With soft suede on one side and smooth leather on the other, deliver muffled spanks...

105,00 €

Immerse yourself in erotic exploration and satisfy BDSM desires with this luxurious large leather flogger. You'll adore the thrilling repertoire of spanking techniques and sensations you can achieve with this opulent cat o' nine tails. Its deep chocolate colour and solid braided handle enhance its beauty and erotic allure to ensure every sense is...

150,00 €

This beautiful Satyr flogger has a handle crafted from English beech hardwood and adorned with a solid brass ferrule.  The 24 leather strands of the flogger are made from selected Moroccan leather.  Measures 64cm total length. Handle diameter at widest point:4.3cm Handmade in the UK

219,00 €

This unique Cat O’Nine Tails flogger has a tactile shaft, hand turned from English beech that is finished with luxurious waxes by time served craftsmen. The final embellishment as with the entire Satyr range is a solid brass ferrule that adds a crowning touch of classicism to this beautiful implement of discipline. Color dildo: black Made in UK

219,00 €

Made using the finest leathers, this exquisite braided spanking tool delivers scintillating spanks and lasting stings through its folded leather tip. A slender form, braided handle and creamy-soft wrist loop offer supreme grip for confident swings, while the stringent tip creates spine-tingling stings that satisfy your lover. Dimensions: 71 x 8 x 2 cm

150,00 €

This unique lunging whip is handcrafted using The Model Traitor’s signature tortoiseshell effect natural bamboo, with an easy to grip leather handle.  The Serpent’s Lunge whip has a spiteful length of heavy duty but finely sliced, Saddle leather that gives a sharp sting when stricken at a distance. The design includes a Polished gold plated end with...

159,00 €

Ergonomically shaped to behave as a natural extension to your own twitchy palm, this sophisticated spanking paddle helps you to naturally slip into your dominant persona. Place the hanging loop around your wrist and enjoy the easy motion of lightly spanking, twisting the paddle to experiment with different levels of sensation. Length: 33 cm

35,95 €

Excite and Tease using the ultimate luxury bedroom accessory! Our Kiss Flogger is hand crafted to order from a mix of luxurious Italian Leathers with red accents. A black satin hand tied bow adds the perfect finishing touche for this high fashion kinky accessory! Handmade to Order in Berlin

239,00 €
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