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As the fairytale draws to a close, the fun can begin. Invite your Prince Charming for a night he will never forget. With this erotic and elegant bride- kit, you will take your day from being simply perfect to completely unforgettable! Contents: satin and organza handcuffs and garter, satin self-adhesive nipple covers and feather tickler.

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The bold beauty, beneath her teasing feathers, set all hearts ablaze. Real feathers. Two ribbon ties. Dimension: 50 cm Fabric: 70% plastic, 30%Feather

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From the dawn of time up to the present day, great stories of passionate love that has transcended all barriers have come down to us. Impossible loves, burning with carnal desire… Live your own passionate love story with this extraordinary set. Contents: satin and organza handcuffs and garter, satin self-adhesive nipple covers and feather tickler.

39,95 €

Tweezer-style chained nipple clamps with weighted beads for intermediate nipple play. Clamps with beads and chain weigh 27g in total for sensational pull and pinch. Silicone-covered tips buffer sensation and strengthen grip. Made from nickel-free metal for hypoallergenic play. An exciting addition to foreplay, masturbation and sex.Length: 48,3 cmMaterial:...

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Caresses that make your heart throb. The body is a map with many hot spots that can be very responsive to a light touch. Stroking certain areas opens the door to a flood of sensations and touching others is pure delirium. Use this soft feather tickler to find them…

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Expand your kinky creativity and enjoy sensual winding and binding with this silky bondage rope. Long, soft and luxurious with a triple-twisted finish, the rope is perfect for erotic entanglement and practising the art of restraint with your lover.

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Shhh... not a word, my darling...Develop a new way to communicate, reading your partner’s eyes and body. Savor every smothered whimper and groan as you indulge your cravings. Press the ball past your lover's lips, between those pearly whites, to remind them that they are there to be seen, and not heard.- Material: Silicone, PU leather, metal- Adjusts to...

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Heighten submission play by exchanging power roles, asking your partner to communicate without words using the Fishnet Ball Gag.Pair with a Satin Blindfold to play a game of 'find your erogenous' zones.Details: 4 cm in diameter

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- Cowhide leather and silicone- Nickel free metal hardware- Removable silicone ball gag can be converted to a collar- Lockable buckle closure with 61 cm leather strap- Ingredients: 60% cowhide leather, 20% silicone, 20% nickel free metal- Includes: 1 Interchangeable silicone ball gag, lockable with 61 cm leather strap

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Elite eroticism is yours with this premium leather and silicone ball gag. Crafted from sumptuous cowhide, butter-soft lamb’s leather, plush suede and strong brass hardware, each item has been created for unbridled eroticism.  10- hole buckle fastening adjusts between 16 – 23 inches around for a superior fit, whilst the 5.5-inch silicone ball fills the...

95,00 €

This gag made of soft cow hide has an insert of 100% silicone.The gag can be adjusted safely and tightly with the 2cm wide double-stitched leather straps and buckle fastener. The silicone has no adverse health effects.  Handmade in Berlin.

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