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This slim set of vibrating anal beads is ideal for those who are new to anal play or those experienced users that crave that world-changing sensation over and over. Let your anticipation turn to rewarding pleasure as you slip in each pearl, one by one and then remove them at the point of orgasm for ultimate pleasure. 3 vibration speeds and 4 patterns for...

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Both men and women revel in the intensified pleasure that comes with wearing these Thai beads. The unisex design works as a prostate massager when worn by him, and lavishes additional sensations on her vagina when she wears them, as well as providing extra texture for her partner during sex. Length: 25,4 cmInsertable Length: 18,4 cmCircumference: 7,6...

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High quality, black silicone with 9 beads of pleasure. Smooth seam. Length: 23 cm

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They say behind every great man is a great woman, but we say that behind every great man is a Tano Plug Vibe! A petite pleasure plug that packs a playful punch, Tano stimulates the P-spot while its contoured end keeps you safely in control.

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This medical grade silicone butt plug comes in three sizes. The plugs are beautifully finished with a gem-like stone. It's the ideal training kit to further explore your body and undiscovered erogenous zones. Small: width 6,5 cm - ø 2,5 cm Medium: width 8 cm - ø 3,5 cm Large: width 9 cm ø - 4 cm

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The standard Rosebud, lightweight and colored. Women, who moderately enjoy anal pleasure, quite appreciate this model. Although discreet in size, its shape intensifies sensations through a slight pressure on the vagina, stimulating it even more during penetration. Width 5,51 cm - ø2,49 cm - 34 grPenetrating 4,29 cm - ø2,49 cm Diamètre : Ø 2,49 cm

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Explore new, more daring pleasure with Billy2. There is simply no finer or more luxurious prostate massager for men who are serious about their personal satisfaction. Slender and curved with a flared base, this anal vibrator is the ideal prostate massager for safety and pleasure combined. Deeply satisfying when used with a partner, Billy2 helps you...

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Butt plug with vibration and We-Connect APP! Ditto intensifies sex with gentle pressure and powerful vibrations that spread out like thrilling waves throughout the entire plug and can also be felt deep inside. Ditto can be used for solo sex, sex with a partner, during foreplay, masturbation or intercourse.  Size: Length 9 cm, Diameter 3,2 cm Weight 216 g

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Its rounded capsule with chiselled motif is enhanced with multicoloured strass. Stainless steel, Skated Bronze BR10 Glass 8mm Swarovski Width 8,18 cm - ø 3 cm - 190 gr Penetrating 6,50 cm - ø3 cm Made in France

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An uncommon whip. With its long leather whip-lashes, it whips, caresses and goes into your most intimate parts, bringing unequalled sensual enjoyment..... Stainless steel, Bronze BR10 Size M: Width 8,18 cm - ø 3cm - 260 gr Made in France

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A phantasmagoric jewel to discover your animal instincts. This genuine horsehair tail caresses and whips. The swaying accentuates the plug's oscillations all the way to the final neighing. Stainless steel, Skated Bronze BR10 Width 8,18 cm - ø3 cm - 220 gr  Penetrating 6,10 cm - ø3 cm Made in France

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Ideal for all users, from beginner to advanced, who prefer internal cleansing before anal play. It is an easy to use soft, squeezable silicone bulb, making it an absolute essential for fans of anal toys and anal sex.- Made from 100% body-safe materials- Insertable length: 7 cm

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