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This Sperm Ring is a celebration of sexual vitality. The design highlights the flow healthy spermatozoids make when they leave the body via ejaculation. They all travel in the same direction at an average speed of 45 miles per hour. The design symbolizes and celebrates the pleasures of life including sex, orgasms, love, desire and intimacy. 

Sterling Silver (925)

Handmade in Italy

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210,00 €

One size fits all.

How to Adorn: Carefully bend the ring to contour your finger. It can be worn both on your thumb and pinky, however it is advised to not manipulate the size repeatedly as it may harm the ring’s sleek, sinuous form. 

Note: The rings can also be purchased as a set and either worn individually or stacked in twos, threes or more… Share your set with a lover to increase your bond.

The Finger Ring was initially designed for female pleasure but it can also be used for stroking and applying distinct pressure to any part of the body, male or female. It also has the advantage of protecting the sensitive skin of the vulva from dangerously glamorous nails. Its anatomic surface gets to the point, even in moments when you wouldn’t dare get...

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The act of writing down your wishes is proven to reinforce the likelihood of their achievement by over 40%. The act of wearing your wishes even further reinforces your possibilities to succeed. Betony designed the Mantra bracelet & collier to help you manifest even your wildest dreams into reality.   Silver 925

670,00 €

While it can be worn discreetly beyond the boudoir, the Double Sphere Massage Ring Small is also designed to bring a kinky new dimension to intimate massage. The ring’s greatest pleasure-providing potential is unveiled by swiveling the polished spheres towards the palm of your hand. Silver925. Spheres diameter is 9mm. This jewel is entirely handcrafted....

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