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The Finger Ring was initially designed for female pleasure but it can also be used for stroking and applying distinct pressure to any part of the body, male or female. It also has the advantage of protecting the sensitive skin of the vulva from dangerously glamorous nails. Its anatomic surface gets to the point, even in moments when you wouldn’t dare get naked, as it works wonders through clothes.

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Materials: Sterling Silver (925)

How to adorn: The slit in the upper surface of the ring is worn over the nail, revealing only a glimpse of your favourite polish. The rings’ anatomical shape follows the curve of your middle finger. For external use only.

The O-Ring band is part of the timeless Sado-Chic signature series. Paradise Found collectors appreciate this unique design for its symbolic and aesthetic appeal as well as for its functional purposes. The ball-and-ring mechanism serves to put all of the Paradise Found Attachments literally at your fingertips and ready for attraction!

510,00 €

Birds of a feather flock together. The Ostrich Pleasure Puff Ring is designed to tickle your every fantasy. While it ultimately serves to tantalize the most sensitive zones of your lover’s body, the ring’s playful presence is also known to cause a sensation beyond the boudoir. Don’t forget to pack this jewel tool for weekends away, make every occasion in...

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The Sado-Chic Hoop Earrings are a new edition to the Sado-Chic Collection. The design is taken from the timeless BV classic the Sado-Chic Earrings which some collectors say they feel naked without. They are appreciated for their symbolic as well as their empowering aesthetic appeal. Materials: Sterling Silver (925) Dimensions: 3 cm

500,00 €

While it can be worn discreetly beyond the boudoir, the Double Sphere Massage Ring is also designed to bring a kinky new dimension to intimate massage. The ring’s greatest pleasure-providing potential is unveiled by swiveling the polished spheres towards the palm of your hand. Silver 925. Onyx. This jewel is entirely handcrafted. Delivery in 1-4 weeks,...

650,00 €