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This gel acts right at the source of female excitement. Before, during and after. There’s nothing like a drop on the clitoris to whet desire in a peppermint shiver. Massage delicately to build up passion. And discover the unexplored regions of pleasure.

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Made in France

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The YESforLOV excitement gel for women is composed of an L-arginine extract. This natural amino acid, a precursor of creatine, acts in the process of the female orgasm. Gently: with delicate rose extract, which calms and refreshes. Passionately: with a vibrant sensation of hot and cold, caused by peppermint. Apply a drop of this gel to your clitoris and intimate area. Massage according to your desire and indulge in inspiration… with or without external help.

Gentle on your skin: Our excitement gel for women is guaranteed hypoallergenic*, with no parabens, allergens, mineral oil, artificial colouring or silicone.

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