The Evolution of Men's Lingerie: From Taboo to Stylish Trend

The Evolution of Men's Lingerie: From Taboo to Stylish Trend

We have talk to Roman Sipe, designer and creative behind Menagerie Intimate. A cutting-edge line of intimate apparel designed specifically for men, redefining masculinity and offering comfort, style, and confidence in every piece.

Roman, let's talk a bit about men's intimate lingerie. You are the designer behind Menagerie, a luxury brand dedicated to men's lingerie. What inspired you to create Menagerie?

My main inspiration for creating MENAGERIÉ stemmed from me recognizing the need for it in the intimate apparel industry. When I thought of this concept, nearly a decade ago, I found myself unable to find anything that I would personally feel comfortable wearing. This sparked the drive within me to establish a brand that not only catered to men's intimate needs but also provided an experience unparalleled to what was in the market. MENAGERIÉ was born out of my desire to offer a luxurious and thoughtfully designed collection that caters to the discerning tastes of men seeking refined and comfortable intimate wear.

You were one of the first to use unconventional materials for men's intimate wear, such as lace and mesh. Major brands are now approaching this new concept of thinking about men's lingerie, emphasizing not only comfort but also sensuality. Do you think we are witnessing a small revolution by men who are finally breaking away from the common perception that portrays them as strong and predatory, seeing lingerie not just as a means to cover intimate parts but as a platform for greater exploration and experimentation in self-expression?

I do believe we are witnessing a revolution in the Industry of men's intimate wear, mainly as brands are daring to take risks and cater to a previously marginalized customer base. Through my research and experience, it's evident that both heterosexual and queer men have long held an interest in exploring sensuality and expressing themselves through intimate apparel. This shift signifies a departure from traditional stereotypes, portraying men not merely as strong and predatory but as individuals seeking greater self-expression and experimentation in their personal style. The embrace of unconventional materials like lace and mesh reflects a broader cultural movement towards recognizing and celebrating diverse expressions of masculinity. 

How do women react to your lingerie? 

Women have always been the most enthusiastic towards MENAGERIÉ and the concept of men’s lingerie in general. Many express their excitement by saying things like, "I would love to see my man in this," or immediately suggesting someone they know who would appreciate it. Some even playfully suggest that they could wear it too, to which I respond, "Made for men, but designed with women in mind." ;-) 

So, the contemporary man is choosing to unleash creativity, challenging outdated norms and embracing a new era of male elegance. Do you see this as a passing trend or a genuine social change, a tangible sign of how society is embracing diversity and freedom of expression even in the most intimate clothing?

I find it intriguing how people often narrowly define the contemporary man. Even in my own eccentricities and interests, I consider myself a part of the contemporary male narrative. Numerous men share this sentiment, expressing themselves both publicly and privately. While it is evident that more men are feeling liberated to convey their individuality, the commercial visibility of such expressions plays a pivotal role. The crux of the matter lies in whether the intimate apparel industry will persist in comprehending, supporting, and embracing the diversity that defines modern masculinity. It is essential to recognize that the inclination for self-expression among men is not merely a passing trend but a lifestyle. As a man myself, I believe it is crucial to remind others that our interests extend beyond trends, embodying a genuine and enduring facet of our lives. The question then becomes whether the industry will continue to evolve and acknowledge this diverse spectrum of what it means to be a man.

How do you plan to develop your brand?

Being a leader in the men’s lingerie space I plan to not only create more beautiful intimates that cater to diverse male preferences but also extend our focus to address broader aspects of men's well-being. I intend to expand our product range to include shapewear and health-focused offerings, recognizing and responding to the specific requirements of our clientele. Additionally, I am committed to fostering inclusivity by thoroughly understanding and meeting the unique needs of the transmasculine community. By embracing a holistic approach to men's undergarments and lifestyle products, I aim to establish our brand as a leader that goes beyond traditional boundaries and resonates with the evolving demands of our diverse customer base.

We look forward to seeing you in Italy, knowing that you will soon return to draw inspiration and produce more pieces for your collections. Why did you choose Italy?

Working in the fashion world as a stylist I always associated "LUXURY" with Italy. I admired the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Italian-made products. It's been a dream of mine to have my brand produced there, and my experience thus far has only affirmed that decision. The Italian production company I work with exemplifies an unmatched level of care and dedication to ensuring that my lingerie is of the highest quality. I am incredibly grateful for their attention to detail and passion for making my vision a reality.

If you were to create a slogan for a new men's lingerie campaign, what would it say?

My forever slogan for men’s lingerie… 

Something special | FOR HIM. 


Thanks Roman! <3


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